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Qtip's Pet Blog
Updated On: Jan 07, 2012

My name is Qtip ---- but my stage name is “the BEAST”

I am a 4lb Maltese, I’m 8 years old, but don’t I look younger? I get booked for much younger age ranges  ~ Woof! OH I'm a natural blonde too! 

All my life I’ve been a “Chick Magnet”, but I’m currently working a very important assignment as a representative for “Hairballs Helping Humans”. Let’s face it; those two legged humans could use some hairball help J .I do snazzy tricks and have performed for many different types of people: celebrities, children and many big macho bikers. I thought about getting an agent, but didn’t know anyone who handles talent with tail.

 I’ve performed for P!nk, Lisa Marie Presley, Members of Guns n Roses, the Kardashians, TMZ and Arnold Schwarzenegger to name a few, but I’m most proud of being able to bring smiles to the faces of children or humans undergoing medical care. That makes me really happy. Double Arf Woof Woof!

I’m a good poser and have appeared in TV commercials, television shows, national news and numerous print ads. My talent bio states, my “Special abilities include, but are not limited to: stunt double: gophers, meerkats, Tribbles, stuffed animals, Gizmo, utility critter talent”.

I do a good “Hoover” too! No crumb will ever live on the floor at my house. Let’s see…a little bit more about me. I’m not a little dog yapper and don’t bark. I do talk on command and do a wicked puppet version of snoopy dogg talk on camera. Cats don’t give me much respect… those fur ball seem like their just laughin at me. Ugh! Shedders! They don’t even bother to hiss at me. In my spare time I like to steal socks, hide in handbags and work human softies for Scooby Snacks.Yumbo!                          Oh, personality flaw…I’ll embarrass myself and confess that I’m kinda mean to by big brother the DOBERMAN! He’s over 100lbs more that me! Mr. big Dobie tubbo weighs 109lbs!  He’s only a few lbs. short of my human. He snorkels in his water bowl and thinks I’m a snitch cause I get mom when he starts wanting to scuba in his drinking water. Ugh Boys they can be so messy, but he’s been easier to train than my human :O

Oh I was a HAIRBALL hero to my human! My human got very sick when breast cancer turning her life upside down. She felt scared, abandon and alone. Then little old ME, became her HAIRBALL Hero! (FYI: heroes come in all shapes, sizes and forms). I made myself heavy and latched on to my human like a Hairball barnacle!Mom was in bed for a year and I never left her side. I did all kinds of things that made her laugh and now I do tricks for critically ill children and elderly patients.

 My mom has always been passionate about helping animals; she never imagined a cute little doggy (me) would become her healing HAIRBALL. Funny how things go full circle. Is the tail waggin the dog or the dog waggin the tail?  There are many wonderful hairballs like me just waiting for a home at your local rescue. Adopt don’t shop and give rescue pets a chance to bring you HAIRBALL love and brighten up your life ♥     Qtip aka the BEAST!

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