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Motorcycle Lost in Tsunami washes up in Canada
Updated On: Aug 15, 2013

A Motorcycle Lost During the Tsunami Washes Up On Canadian Shores

  a Harley-Davidson motorcycle that was lost in last year’s tsunami washed up on  a Canadian island nearly 4,000 miles away. If only that motorcycle could talk, its travels would become an instant bestseller. Through rough seas and shark infested waters, the container carrying the bike traveled along until it finally reached land over a year later. The motorcycle’s owner, Ikuo Yokoyama, was immediately contacted through the motorcycle’s license plate and remarkably reunited with his lost bike. Even though the bike was encrusted with corrosion and rust, Yokoyama recognized it instantly. Sadly, retrieving his lost bike was bittersweet; Yokoyama lost three of his family members in the horrific March 2011  tsunami.

 Originally, scientists estimated that nearly 18 million tons of debris was swept into the Pacific Ocean after the disastrous 2011 tsunami. While Yokoyama’s Harley Davidson motorcycle is one of the first pieces of tsunami debris to wash up on Canadian shores, it certainly won’t be the last. Experts predicted that the bulk of the debris will not actually wash up on the coasts of Alaska, Canada, Washington, and Oregon until March of 2013. 

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