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Susie Fairchild
WOMEN SPOTLIGHT - MS. SUSIE shares her story! I was scared to death of motorcycles at first! My ex used to think it was funny to see if he could toss me off the back of his. So my first experience was bad. I would not go out with my current boyfriend at first because I thought he was a badboy that rode a bike.
Sarabeth Salan Stielow
Dear Brenda,
Dear Brenda, I have been so inspired by your journey. I was thinking about selling my bike this spring due to my increasing chronic pain and my hands getting worse. I am programmed to never give up but living with chronic pain makes you face reality sometimes when you really don't want to!!!  
I started riding at 43.I had only been a passenger a few times in my life. My parents are in the medical field so I was forbidden when I was young ;). Anyway, I picked up my brand new 2008 Purple Haze 1200 Sportster Low in March, the day after I got my temps! I was really hoping I liked to ride after dropping that much $$! I took the very first Harley Riders Edge Safety Class @ 3 weeks later in April with snow still on the ground! During the 3 weeks before I took the class, my husband and brother would take me on rides. I would ride my Sporty between their really LOUD Fatboys!!!Took a long time before I knew what my bike sounded like ;) During the class, several of the women and men asked me how long I had been riding. When I told them this was my first time and only had been riding for the last 3 weeks they were very impressed by my skills! I took to it like a duck to water and I love to ride! Even though I have many days I have to ride with my husband due to chronic pain from Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis, Migraines, Allergies, Blah Blah Blah...I still go when I can and ride my Purple Sporty with great pride as a woman rider when I can. Pain or no Pain, I WILL RIDE!!!!!Thank you for your inspiration and influence in helping me decide to keep my bike and not give into the pain!!! Ride on Sisters!
Lots of love,
Sarabeth Salan Stielow
Jeanne D’Amato!
UPGRADING THE PAVEMENT FROM WOODLAND HILL, CA = Is Ms. Jeanne D’Amato!  Consultant: Real Estate Land Development    2006 Harley Davidson Road Glide  I started riding Harley’s in 1997.  My passion for Harley’s started when my Dad bought a new Sportster in 1969.  I was too young to ride  but my brother would take me out.
NO Pain holder her back!

 Grabbing the handlebars at 50 and kicking chronic pain to the curb!

 Lisa Whitham is not one to complain about her health challenges, but one to tell you about how excited she is to be riding  her motorcycle – a 1995 Harley Davidson Sportster XL1200.

 Born with a birth defect that causes chronic lower back pain and also battling the limits of Fibromyalgia, you’re not going to find her sitting on the sidelines. The Midland, Michigan dynamo, decided “disabled” was not a word that would limit her. She would rather grab the handlebars, skipping a does of medicine that could make for unsafe riding and deal with the pain and consequences after the motorcycle ride. She mentions, “I haven’t been riding motorcycle’s long. In late July 2011 my husband bought me a 1995 H-D Sportster XL1200. The only riding on my own I had ever done was on a mini bike when I was about 10 yrs. old. I had dreamed of riding my own Harley for years and frankly I never thought it would happen.

Spotlight on Women Motorcyclist - Ms. Mel Newhouse

Upgrading the Pavement with Mel Newhouse.

Name:  Melanie Newhouse

Where you live: Massachusetts

Occupation:  Outside Sales Rep for a millwork company

What bike you currently ride:  Mabel a 2012 Streetglide

When did you start riding and what got you involved in motorcycles? I started riding when I was about 20… which makes it 29 years ago.  Saw a pack of bikes going by my mom’s station wagon when I was about 10 and said “I will be doing that someday!” To which my mother replied “over my dead body”…well she is very much alive and supports my choice to ride although she still worries about me when I do.

How has riding motorcycles impacted your life?  It has given me the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life who share the same passion for riding that I do.  It has also given me the opportunity to write for the Massachusetts Biker Information Guide and express the things that really concern me when it comes to motorcyclists rights and other issues that affect us.

What was or has been the most challenging or difficult thing to overcome in the mechanics of riding? Not much, it is like I was born on a bike!

What do you like most about your model motorcycle?  As I get older I like my new bike for a few reasons…I can finally CARRY my things in my bags!  I have had several back surgeries so comfort at this point is a must and this bike feels like I’m sitting on my couch!

Dot Robinson – The Woman Who Turned Motorcycling Upside Down

 Dot Robinson. Good-looking, high-powered, fully made-up and literally born to ride.  Dot Robinson’s mission was to unite female   motorcycle riders and make it possible for women to race – and look great doing it!

 Dot Robinson was a motorcyclist even before she was born.  When her mother went into labor on April 22, 1912, Dot’s dad, James  Goulding, loaded her into a sidecar and rushed her to the hospital. Dot’s father was a sidecar designer and an amateur racer, and Dot  grew up around motorcycles in Saginaw, Michigan.

 Dot met her future husband Earl while she was still in high school, and they married in 1931. They both rode in endurance runs and races. Dot earned her first trophy in 1930 at the Flint 100 Endurance race, and the couple made a record transcontinental run together in 1935. Shortly after that, Harley-Davidson asked the Robinsons if they wanted to run a dealership. The couple moved to Detroit and opened a dealership, and ran it for some 35 years.

Dot Robinson - Motorcycle Legend

Dot racked up a shelf full of trophies, but she had to fight as well as compete for them: she won the Michigan State Championship and the Ohio State Championship, and then Dot wanted to compete in the National Endurance Run.  The director tried to keep “women” from competing – even though Dot was the only woman trying to enter.  She gathered thousands of signatures on a petition, but still he wouldn’t budge.  So Dot loaded all the petitions into a big carton and turned the box upside down onto his desk, snowing him under. She  laughed that they eventually became friends, and he told her, “Nobody ever raised that much hell all over the country.”  She had meant to turn motorcycling upside down, and she literally did!

If I have to explain ... you wouldn't understand.
Barbara H
Barbara H ~ Rolling at the June 2011 RED BULL RIDE.
Hey Barb - what you doing off-roading that big ass motorcycle? Ride on girl!
Sharon D
Sharon D ~ "I'm a Nana and this is my beautiful grandaughter Anya taking her first motorcycle ride!!!!!"
AGELESS! Enjoy life at Full Throttle!

How Lucky we are to be in a world of MOTO MAMAS! Ageless, beautifl and enjoying life at Full Throttle - Thats what its about!

Judith - "I'm 68 and going strong..will ride till I can't hold it up ! lol."

Smile say's it ALL!

READ THE SMILE! No words needed!

Ms. Ecuador! Lenin V

Lenin V - Reppin Ecuador! 

Julie S

Julie S ~~~”Thinking of you...been reading about you and did a few auctions on Ebay to help out...and then, other day I find out I have 2 suspicious areas on my breast that have to be biopsied....Needless to say---am a little scared and can use prayers!!! I can't go out yet---I just bought my 1st bike-HD-this summer..I have many miles to explore....XOXOXO...Keep up the good work Brenda....always praying for you!!~~~”

Ms. Arizona ~ Flo rockin her Valkyrie!

Flo S ~ “Just wanted to share my 2000 Honda Valkyrie 1500 GL. If you ever need some warm sunny weather to ride in come on down to AZ. The desert is such a wondrous place ..All our best to you Brenda for a speedy recovery”

Di ~ Shining on her Nice Ride!

Di G “me and my baby!!!! Ride on! thansk for all you do!”

Tammy C
Tammy C ~ "This is how i roll!!! Much love to you Brenda!"
Jaime P - from the Pavement somewhere...

Here's how Jaime P Rolls - You go girl!

Marie Ann C ~ Ellen Valley, Wales, UK
Marie Ann C ~ "my first ride out on my new bike, Ellen Valley, Wales, UK"

Jackie ~ Crusin the coast!
Jackie Y ~ "crusin the coast"


Ride on sister!

Donna in Colorado

Hot Moto Mama Donna shares: "Love riding in Colorado!!!!!"

Ride on!

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